NIN in Van

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NIN are playing in Vancouver on the 26th.

Tickets started selling today.  Anyone going?


just hope I can get the day off.

Heck, who am I kidding.  I hate that job!

They totally rocked!!!

We were in section F lower bowl I think it was!

Pisses me off that we had to pay the same as the floor though!

They were gone in like 30 seconds!

Brilliant show!  So good, I got myself tix for the Calgary show in November.  I also saw them earlier this year in Toronto at the Kool Haus on their warm-up, club tour.  Fucking brilliant every time, those guys...

i'm going... can't wait... TWO MORE DAYS!!! so excited i feel like i'm gonna es-plode!  ;D i'm in section U row 7 woopee!!!!!!!!!! and i gots me new boots just for the show! (i'm so gonna hide from my visa statement next month....) *cry cry* :'(

Why do you tempt me so?! I can't aford to go, as much as I really, really , really(you get the picture) want to go.

My boyfriend and I are going as well. It should be an intersting weekend...

Friday: KMFDM (in Victoria)

Saturday: Corpse Bride!

Sunday: Sanctuary (which I've never had the pleasure of attending)

Monday: NIN


Ok, what's the deal here?

I got tickets the day they went on sale, in section Z, row 19.  Today I checked to see what tickets were available, and suddenly row 12 of section U is WIDE open!  So for getting my tickets early, I end up 7 rows back and twice as far from the stage!!!  What's up with that?  There better be a massive obstrucion blocking the view from U section, else I'm going to be might steamed.  And if that's the case, how can they justify charging full price for those tickets?

(yes, I'm a cantankerous old grump)

From the ticketmaster web page...




According to the picture, I ge the general impression that the stage is between sections R and J, facing section A.  That likely makes K through Q the crappiest seats in the house, and GH, TU, and ZAB the best seats in the house (aside from a good pick among the General Admissions).  Just my take on it.  Here's a copy of the posted seating map, in case anyone is interested.

Has anybody made sense out of the seating chart for the show? I was told that the stage would be between sections F - I facing Y, but that would put it at a funny angle. That would almost mean that if I'm in section D I'd basically have the crappiest seat you can imagine. Something tells me that's not quite right.

They still have tickets available in the blue section.  Those are the $50 tickets.  Just check out (remember that they charge an additional $10 in service charges).


I've got my ticket!

I'm pretty sure the floor tix disappeared during pre-sale. I called ticketmaster at 10:00am sharp (I called the victoria number to be sneaky!!) and got through on the first ring. The floor tickets were already sold out at that point. Which would have been like 10:02am.

Ah well, I'm not gonna complain. Cuz I've got a ticket to see NIN!! And that's all that matters.

The general admission tickets (read: floor level) were gone even before the tickets were available on line.  Or at least within the first 5 minutes of being online.  The are still tickets in the upper deck, but that's about all I can see.  Unless you go to the secondary sales sources (grossly expensive).

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