The Marble Arch??

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So a bunch of us are going to the Marble Arch tomorrow - any idea what this club is like on a Thursday...?

It was great.  It was a smaller crowd but almost everyone danced.  Drinks were a little pricey but not bad and the venue was extremely comfortable.  They put out jugs of ice water and cups so you could help yourself. 

We will definitely be going back to that.  Apparently it's a way different scene on different nights but Thursdays are great.

I'm kind of feeling like I should had less fun last night - waking up at 6:15am with a cat chewing on my foot (Thanks Jen and Derek for loaning me your cat alarm) was difficult and the day hasn't really improved.  I'm just coasting at work today and hope that no one notices.

We went for the first time last week and it was great!!  Lots of variety.  A bit of stompy stuff but not too much, and a lot of cool '80's stuff.  Plenty of Goth-friendly tracks that didn't give me a pounding headache, which absolutely made my night.  I'd venture to say it was a bit more "old school", but the DJ's didn't play all the usual hand-staple-forehead songs that make you roll your eyes.  'Twas a good night all 'round.