Halloween  Happenings?

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So I've a query of sorts. Halloween is fast approaching, and I find I am without plans. Sort of.

You see, sanctuary conveniently falls on halloween, so I'm sure that would be a blast.

Somebody I know from UBC has mentioned a pub crawl of some sort.

I've also been invited to a rave called "Spooky", which I'm sure the locals are probably familiar with.

I'm hoping some of the locals can offer some insight into the Halloween scene for me. Where's the happening place to be for the 31st? Where's the most fun? Should I just stay in and watch scary movies? For that matter, what does everybody else plan to do? I'm curious...

Duh! Of course there is something cool happening on Saturday the 30th-- The Parade of Lost Souls! This is not the kind of parade you go watch, this is the kind of parade where you dress up and go participate. Valerian and I had an outstanding time last year. It starts relatively early so there is plenty of time to head down to a club afterwords.

I don't know of anything specific Hallowe'en specific on Saturday, but there is the regular night at Rodaos.

Rodaos (Friday and Saturday) is a 7 Alexander, which if you know Gastown, is near the Gassy Jack statue. Sanctuary Sundays are at Sonar, which is also in Gastown at 66 Water Street. The clubs are less than a block apart.

In all cases doors are at 9:00 p.m., but generally nothing really gets going until close to 11 p.m..

There is more information in the "Clubbing" forum or the mailing list FAQ, which accessible from the homepage.

I'd be most happy to attend Sanctuary, so long as someone can give me a time and address.  I'll be coming over from the island on Saturday, which brings up the question... anything special happening on Saturday?

Swoop Guy

]trick or treating (you are NEVER to old)

yeah, that's what i thought too, til i found myself (at the not-so-tender age of 15) running through bushes to avoid being hit my the guy standing on his balcony with a BB gun....

my only question is all teh deathrock nights whil ghouly titles are at halloween what about all year round with have enough ebm / trance gothdance nights i just want a deathrock night....but sorry off topic

i think i am getting pissed drunk and trick or treating (you are NEVER to old)

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