Exclusiv event: "Luv n' Grace Affair"

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"Luv n' Grace Affair"

Wednesday September 26-2007.

Time: 9 PM until 2 AM.

Venue: "Richard's on Richard's"

1036 Richard's Street ( between Helcken and Nelson Street)

Vancouver, B.C.

Tickets: $25,-


Featuring some of the original club DJ's!

DJ Darren ( Luv-A-Fair) , DJ Noah ( Graceland), DJ Chris  ( Luv-A-Fair, Eclipse)

Hosted by Vernard..creator of Facebook Group: The 80's/90's Luv-A-Fair/Graceland/Robson Street Patrons-Crowd




This will be the biggest and first proper "Event" since both legendary clubs sadly closed down. It will cater to the true hardcore Luv' and Graceland patrons from the late 70's until 2003........(look for people like the legendary Luv-a-Fair waiter Rick "Mohawk" Forde and other true of "legends" of both places)

Like I have kept saying all along..I (and many other former patrons) want this event to have the original music/playlists from the clubs- also some of the original Luvafair/Graceland DJ's. ( negotiated right now)

Some of the music played will be everything from.. Alien Sex Fiend,

Sex Gang Children, Bauhaus, Shriekback, Front 242, Marianne Faithful, Bowie, Skinny Puppy, Moev, Images in Vogue, Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie, Echo and The Bunnymen, Cabaret Voltaire, Kraftwerk, Simple Minds ( pre 1985), Gary Numan, Severed Heads, Anne Clark, King Crimson, Data, Stranglers, Smiths, Pistols.....all the way to Janes Addiction, Peppers, Pixies, Stone Roses, Sonic Youth, Nirvana etc...all the way to the Graceland sounds ( Opus 2 etc...) from the 90's! There is much more that I didn't list here...I just wanted to give you all a bit of an idea in regards to the music.

Bring: Style, Glamour and Attitude for the Event.

We would love to see all of you former Luvafair/Graceland patrons show up as wild, glamorous, stylish and or eccentric as u wish. Be the Poseurs/Diva's you all once were or maybe some of you still are. Non-conformity is the word of the evening!!

You all know that you were/are the coolest, most cutting edge, eccentric and stylish crowd Vancouver has ever had.. past, present, future!

The one thing this event is NOT going to be is some cheesy retro 80's night... as I want as I'm sure you do too-- 80's/90's underground authenticity all the way.

There will be some special guests at the event...people I'm sure you'd all like to see again after all the years!!

Tickets go on sale on August 29-2007!

The demand for this exclusive event is unbelievable so I strongly suggest you get your tickets in advance since it will be a sold out evening for sure! A website for this event will be up and running by Monday, August 27!!!

I will have a certain amount of tickets at the door on the evening of the event just in case you can't purchase them at this point.

Payments for tickets in advance can be made through Paypal which will be linked on the LuvnGraceAffair website ( launched next week) Please, send a confirmation to my email address ( when you purchase your tickets next week. Also, please list the proper names of the guests just in case the name on the creditcard is different then yours. I will send you a confirmation in return. Your tickets can be picked up on the night of the event as I will have everyone's names on a list.

We can't wait to see everyone together again for one special night after all these years!!


Promoter "Luv n' Grace Affair"

Luv n' Grace Entertainment.


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