Easter at Santuary?

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Hey folks,

I just wanted to confirm that Sanctuary will be up and running tomorrow (March 27th).



9 pm - 3 am // 19+ // $5

2 rooms of dancing madness!

main room - Sanctuary

second room - special guests from Organix!

Long weekends at Sanctuary never prove to be anything other than a party of colossal proportions, drawing together one of the largest and most widespread collections of all sorts of like minded fun loving folk seeking something with an edge, where they can drink, dance and soak up the deadly vibe well into the night. Take the occasion to dress up EXTRA crazy and you know everyone will love it, or c'mon down in the most comfortable clothes you have and just get ready to have a night of serious merriment in the darkest corner of Vancouver's clubbing underground.

MAIN ROOM - Sanctuary DJs Pandemonium, Maleficent & Pyxis laying down a brain-destroying mix of alternative, retro & new wave, goth, industrial, powernoise and various forms of electronic dance insanity!

SECOND ROOM - Organix DJs Christ Schmidt, Angel, Goa Pete & friends serving up psychedelic trance, goa, hard trance & more in the ultra black light room!