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Anyone know where i can get a flyer for darkrave?  That extra $5 = more gin for me once I get inside!

i quite enjoyed those trippy screens, and the effect of watching hellraiser with music pumping was quite cool..but i agree..if it continues in this will definently cease to exist that what is happening with the gothic scene in it dying out?

Maybe it was me - it was my 2nd time there and it was dead again...I don't think I'll risk it again for a $5 cover....and the movie images were jarring, especially when mixed with the Organix would be a rotten place to be tripping if that were your intent because the happy hippie posters would so contrast with the hellraiser screens and other disturbing video imagery.

Pyxis laid on a good set but no one was there so we left before 11pm.

If this is typical, I expect that the event will fade out.

oh god..i went to darkrave for the first time last night..and i thought the venue was great and music was awesome..but it was DEAD! they had to close early..and one girl told me its always liek that..there were like 20 people at the most..

Yep, the second one was def. a bit slower!  But that was to be expected ... I have no doubts it will continue to build slowly but eventually become well supported, just as Sin City is now quite possibly the most reliably busy alternative-themed party of the month but took over a year to really take off in the onset.

Note it's only $5 before 10 pm and $10 in an outfit or costume of some kind, with futuristic themes of course preferrred!

Everything starts out slow. The first Sin City I think there were no more than 30 of us there. Now attendance goes over 300 every time with a line around the corner.

I think the 12 people that showed up were underwhelmed.

Ok it wasn't 12 but it was damned empty.  It gave you lots of dance floor but not much eye candy or people to meet - very dull event. 

I expect that with exams this week and the fact that this is a new event with a hefty cover charge led to it being a slow night.  The music was pretty good but kind of similar to organix upstairs - downstairs was different but not really to my taste.  Good visuals in the bar and a few decent drink specials, plus Tiny tends to overpour the drinks which is all good.....

I will be giving it a few months before even considering returning to it.  We're probably going to Organix next Friday now to "make up for it"....

We'll we've got a crew headed down to this tonight - who else is going?  When does it get busy - after getting Stuck in the Line for 1 hour at Sin City (and feeling lucky it was only that long) I will probably be there at 9:05pm....I'd rather be bored than stuck outside missing the party.

On the plus side it was nice meeting some people....

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