Convergence 12 Bid!!

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[center]Convergence 12 - Vancouver BC
Vote Vancouver, BC for Convergence 12.

Get the HTML for this and other Vancouver C12 bid banners.[/center]

[b]What is Convergence? [/b]

Convergence started as an annual alt.gothic news group convention that squished together hundreds of net.goths from around the globe into a single city for a weekend of socializing, booze, musical events and sweet debauchery.

Convergence has grown beyond its roots since, unlike 11 years ago, every goth and his bat is online and not just on alt.gothic.

Each year it is in a different city, chosen in a process a little like the Olympics, except that anyone can vote (previous Convergence attendees are registered to vote automatically and new interested parties can register per the instructions here).

So far Convergence has been in Chicago (C1 & C10), Boston (C2), San Francisco (C3), Toronto (C4), New Orleans (C5), Seattle (C6), New York (C7), Montréal (C8), Las Vegas (C9), and San Diego (C11).

Click on the banner and go to the FAQ page for quick answers to common questions and to find out how you can help get this kick-ass party to happen here.

I have just downloaded the flyer, and have already began talking to other voting fiends for a C12 event in BC. I have missed the last two, and am itching to get out of town and have a few days of debauchery and minor madness :)

I will post my photos from c9 in Las Vegas on my website; was backstage during the shows, helped out a little and went to a couple of after hour parties. My one trip out to Convergence was damn fun, looking forward to the next trip....this time to Vancouver.

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