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Carnival Nocturnus in Vancouver

Ok so for you that don't know what Carnival Nocturnus is, its a festival for DEATHROCK,BATCAVE,POST-PUNK, PSYCHOBILLY,ROCKABILLY,GOTHABILLY AND anything else involved with the underground horror scene.It's a special day to celebrate our hidden culture, make friends and have a good time with people who share you interests

When: JULY 27 2007

Time: MEET 12:00 NOON PST(pacific standard time) outside the front gates of playland (some of us may be in the park across the street), we invade at 1 pm and leave at closing (9 pm)

PLACE: we are going to be hosting this event at PLAYLAND amusment park. tickets are about 40$ + tax .CAN. $

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Alicia at:

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