Blender (Ends Jan 25, 2007)

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[color=yellow]January 25th is the last Blender[/color]

Blender  ~   Thursdays at Club 23 West,  23 W. Cordova Street, (604) 688-5351.

                   9 PM - 3 AM

                  No Cover before 10:30, $4 after.

                  R_Lex, Herr Doktor and others

                  Bringing back the best of Luvafair and the Twilight Zone: Alternative 80s

                  & 90s pop/rock, new and classic industrial, electro[?], mash up,

                  electronic classix, n[x] wave


All events are listed in CDN dollars and are age 19+ with 2 pieces of valid ID.

This Looks like a fun night!!! :) Will Hopefully make it there on the 3rd and 10th of August. Sweet dreams. Xx

So we finally went out to blender last night :) it was fun, good music good atmpsohere etc.

my fiance and i left early b/c we didnt really know anybody (belive it or not were both shy  lol) and were there super early, i had worked that morning at 6am and was pretty tired :( Were going to try and make it to the blender on a regular basis, maybe we'll eventually meet some new people ;) ps if anybody was there last night we were the ones in the front by the dj booth i had red/black hair w/ bangs he had black hair spiked in back , both in black (which probably doesnt give enough of a description lol ) either way we both enjoyed it and will be back ;)

Is this still happening?  I don't see it on CLub23's site, or anywhere else online.  I was thinking of going tonight.


I just moved to Vancouver from Goteborg, Sweden, and I feel like going clubbing.

Is Blender a good place? (Heh! Of course it is! =) ) Are the people friendly? (Of course they are!) I don't know anyone here, so I'd be all by my self. Does that work at Blender? Any dress code?

Might see you there! =)

/Dr Erik

so glad its back, now im going to try and make an effort to head on down there !

b4 its taken away again! lol

fingers crossed that it sticks around!!

Does anybody still go too this?? I went once when it was at the Arch and i really enjoyed it. I wanted to go tonight if the weather doesnt stop me.

Does anybody know if its still anygood? same music /dj's etc

Umm, according to the add in the Straight, the cover is now $2 before 10:30 and $5 after. Any news on if it'll be on next week?

On behalf of the Blender Crew and the Arch...

[November 11] - ARCH CANCELLED

Due to flooding on the premises, there will be NO BLENDER TONIGHT. With any luck, the necessary repairs will be completed by next week, and we'll be back in operation.

The Blender crew, Depth Charge Studios, and everyone at the Marble Arch apologize for the inconvenience at this late hour, and we look forward to seeing you all at a later date.

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