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hey everyone

i just wanted to say that the rocky horror picture show is the best movie

its awesome and i would recommend it if u want something to watch


It's funny because me being my tender age of  *cough*  36 right now I remember when this movie first came out! I was 5 years old when it first came out and I remember my Mum and all her friends acting out scenes from the movie while partying at our house for most of my adolescents. It's kind of funny in a way that my Mum was ALWAYS Dr. Frank-N-Furter!!LMAO!!!

Needless to say, when I was about 15 I started going to see it in theaters on halloween and haven't stopped loving the movie ever in my lifetime. In fact, at times, when I go visit my Mum we usually sit and watch it together at her house and STILL do all the audience participation. (one of my favorite participations is when, at the theater, they say TOAST and we all throw toast around the room LOL).

      So yeah,  for sure check it out at halloween in a's one of the best times you'll have!

-Jezzen Haight  [img]

It's a great film, I loved it and I have it on Vhs. I know I should be shot for not having it on dvd, but I could'nt find it cheap enouph on dvd so I got the vhs plus it's original.

there's a great scene in Spaced (british sitcom, best show evaaar) where the main character is yelling about his hatred for RHPS.. something about "boil in the bag perversion" for all those boring people with "posters of BlueBlues BrothersBettyBoopandBlue Velvet on their blue bloody walls!"

anyway, yeah, it is a little trite by now, but it sure made for some fun halloweens during my formative years  :)

i saw this on my dvd where they get the audience to participate

The implication that there is a "they" - an implied authority - "getting" the audience to participate... ugh. *shakes head and walks away*

i will be sure to this haloween

i saw this on my dvd where they get the audience to participate

it was pretty amusing cause it shows this kid sleeping

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