Movie - What the Heck was that movie called?

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Ok, it takes place in Nazi Germany.  Most of the story takes place in a concentration camp.  The story tend to focus around the relationship of a female prisoner and a male officer.  She performs the trademark scene of an erotic dancer in the Nazi officer's club (where she is wearing trousers, suspenders, and officers hat, and nothing else).  The war ends, and many years later she is working in a hotel in switzerland (or some such place).  He arrives in the neighbourhood, neither expecting to see each other.  There is tension about a variety of things including the fact that she was a prisoner, he does not wish to be discovered as a former Nazi officer, the romantic pull they feel towards one another.  I believe people die in the end, though i don't recall.

So, name that movie... PLEASE!!!  it's driving me nuts.

I think it may have been released in the 80s, though it is possible it may have been released earlier.

Thanks in advance.