FMTA debut EP produced by FLA now available

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[url=][b]FMTA[/b][/url], the industrial-metal band from Vancouver, Canada, have released their debut EP entitled [b]"In The End, You Don't Exist"[/b].  It features four of their most successful songs to date, and is their first studio release. The disc was recorded & produced by Jeremy Inkel, with additional mixing by Chris Peterson, both members of [b]Front Line Assembly[/b]. The disc is available through [url=]the band's website[/url], where preview clips of each song can be downloaded and listened to.


01 - Weakness

02 - To An End

03 - Time Out Of Mind

04 - Mistakes


[url=]FMTA[/url] - Official website

[url=]FMTA - "In The End, You Don't Exist" EP[/url] - Order form

[url=]Front Line Assembly[/url] - Mostly-official website


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