I'm looking for big bad stompy Vegan boots

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I've been looking around for animal friendly boots(Male/Unisex) somewhere in Vancouver, preferably 20 holes or something high.  I've tried the search function on these forums and looked through the links.  Unfortunately I could not find anything noteworthy.  I would be happy if anyone had any suggestions for me.  I'm hoping for somewhere in Vancouver to avoid uber-shipping fees, but will like any ideas.

Thanks in advance.

Okios, I'm pretty sure Demonia only use pleather in their boots. I know for a fact mine are plastic fantastics! Any way, There are a few places that stock Demonias, I think they are listed in the shopping post. Any way, there is a place in Kingsgate mall(Scalies, I think) that has a pretty big range of Demonias.

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