Auction Sites and Direct Sale

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Got stuff you're selling or wanting to buy on eBay, Gothic Auctions or Goth Auctions (clothes, jewelry, shoes, CD's, books, furniture, computer parts, etc.)? 

Have you got some stuff you'd like to swap?

Want to get rid of some stuff by selling direct, or even give away for free?

Post about it here!

Yes, this is where you can spam your loot to your hearts' content.  Please note that if you advertise your home address, phone number or email address in your post/reply, that you do so at your own risk.  Feel free to post your items and ask questions here, but I strongly recommend that you [b]exchange personal information via the private messaging system[/b].

If you are selling direct or swapping/giving away, please delete your post (or post a short comment to notify readers) when the item has been taken/sold.  Expired auction listings will be deleted regularly by the moderator.

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