Trying to find the right boots.

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Ok, I am at a stump.

(that's why I started the "Where To Find It" thread)

Ugh, TELL me about customs fees.  If there's one thing about the lack of selection in a lot of Canadian stores that bites, it's having to resort to ordering from outside the country.  Whenever possible, even if it costs a tiny bit more and may mean doing some serious internet searches in some cases, buy within Canada.  Why?  For a corset I bought on sale for $104 USD, I had to pay $14 USD in shipping and about $20 CAD in customs fees to pick it up from the post office.  OUCH.  It was still a bargain compared to the regular price of the corset ($349 USD), but now that I've been making friends who retail corsets here in Canada, I could have paid less overall and got it much quicker if I'd used them.  AND given business to a fellow countryman.  :)

I think I'm going to start a thread on places within Canada that sell *anything* cool, not just within BC.  Keep it within Canada, I say.  If there's no demand for good Canadian businesses, there will never be any.  Thanks Hypatia, I just checked out your site again, and you guys totally prove my point!

I wish I knew about this site earlier....

Darn, those are the Ravage II by Demonia and though they sell them for $144 us on that site, you also have to pay for shipping...and Custom duties and broker fees. The boots would cost about $200 cdn plus about $65 cdn duties/broker fees and about $40 cdn for shipping for a total of $305 cdn.

Mine sell online for $240.98 cdn and shipping is only $17.95 (or get them shipped to my store for only $9.95 cdn) for a total of $258.93 cdn!!!

Thanks a lot for all the information.  I think I know what I am looking for now.

I was on and I found an almost local store in London.  Well about a 40 min drive, but atleast there is a store, and they have them demonica boots that I am looking at.  I am going to go check it out on monday and see what it's like.

Thanks again.

I've had good luck on Queen St. W. - Try "House of Ill Repute" for starters. I got some great pointy buckle boot there a couple years ago for a very reasonably price and I'm sure they had some clompy ones around as well. They carry some of the same brands that Hot Topic carries in the States. Doc's Leathers, also on Queen St. W., has biker-type boots. And If you haven't already you might want to ask for advice on the toronto-goth Yahoo group and take a look at the shopping section of the website.

Well I am mens 12 and I usually fit into all 12's but who knows.  I may go to a shop in Toronto if anyone knows of any.  I want to try some on before I actually end up spending anywhere from $200+  I would hate to get them and never wear them again.

That place you sent me is super cheap, but you probably pay for what you get.  $49 boots seems a little skeptical.  I pay for cheap shoes from Zellers more then that and they never last.  Oh well, maybe I'll do some local searching.  What could I possible search in the phone book for?

Thanks for all the help by the way.

Hmm... I have to agree with Atratus.  I'm normally a Canadian 6 1/2 ladies, however I own boots that are sizes 6, 7 and  8, depending entirely on the manufacturer.  I recommend checking out the return policy before you buy online.  I know how many people will groan about this, but really, for a cheap and sexy boot you can't beat Hot Topic.

Well I found these:

They are the same as above but they arn't on ebay so I can actually order when I want, and they are a lot cheaper then Ebay which are $295 instead of the $195 Canadian on there.

Or $130 or so US.  I figure who cares, they look awsome and I'll just be a little taller then before :D

Oh well... anyway if anyone finds the exact boots Dani Filth used in Cradle of Fear post....

Also I am in the Toronto/Ontario area.  About an hour from the GTA.

If you know any good places perferably on the west side of Toronto I would apperciate that thanks.

Ah, sorry. Personally I'm wary about shopping for footwear online. One manufacturer's 10 is another's 11, and the North American sizing scheme doesn't account for width. Since I have wide-ish feet that can litterally be a pain. I find with pointy shoes/boots I usually have to go up a half-size or even a full size over what I would get with a rounded toe. There's just no way to know that without trying things on. Where abouts are you? I know a few good places in New York and Seattle, and there are people here that know Toronto and Montréal well.

Well I am not from BC... just joined these forums because there are some interesting information and people I can talk to about stuff like this.

Anyway do any of you know if there is an online store that have a pair of these boots, it would be extremely helpful and gladly apperciated.  Thanks.