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Anyone do this, or try this? Poly-amory is a relationship in which more than 2 people are involved, and it goes deeper than just sex. I was in a poly-amorous relationship at one point, but looking back, it was more polygamous..anyway. Just curious.

Coming from someone that is very involved in the Polyamory community,  for us, it is not ALL about sex with multiple partners. It is all about having real meaningful relationships with more than one person.

Sparkleboots was right about one thing. No one person can fill all your needs. It is unfair to expect people to live up to our expectations. In the Poly world, we enjoy the qualities that each of our partners offer. Love is not a selfish emotion, which is the case in most monogamous relationships. It was designed to be shared freely to all.

Many people is the way to go!  I find one person can't ever give me all the attention I need.  And by having a selection, some can provide you with your sexual needs (if not all of them), some may be better at handling your breakdowns, others are good with fixing things and so on.  There is no superman or superwoman.  However, you can make your own by putting a few people together.  Besides, with the busy schedules we live by today, if one of your booty calls is busy, there is a good chance that some are free!  I know it saves my horny ass on a regular basis.

strangely, there is a evolutionary reason why men get angry at first, but then really turned on watching their girlfriend shag another guy....

try this.....

as a man, if your  watching porno, your  watching the women in an extremely sexual position. He is seeing her at the peak of her sexuality.... and getting off on watching it.

Now superimpose your wife/ girfriend in there and imagine seeing her moaning and getting off RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

You'll want to rip the other guy's head off for the first few seconds, but if you force yourself to stay cool, you'll find it a huge turn on.

Or maybe I've done everything else possible with a women that I am bored beyond help.....

Anyone out there care to share on similiar experience?

I am actually a reformed swinger and had one or two long term lovers.

It's not for everyone by any means!!!

I actually met my fiancee that way, as my ex and i brought him home for some fun...well turned out to be TOO much I kept HIM, and dumped the lifestyle and the ex!

Haven't looked back since and we're getting married in Oct.