What Do You Do?

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What is your job? Are in school? What's your major?

Was an electrician until last friday, quit, and am now considering my options.

Profesional Wrestler? Race Car Driver? Beauty Queen? Fun Hog?

Hmmmmm, probably be back working consruction again. But thats OK, means I get to use all of the fun power tools.....

I have a few jobs.

1) The first job I do is Hospital Securty at Vancouver General Hospital/Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Center---I have my OFA (occupational first aid) 3 which means I am not only security but also the first-aid tech when on shift.

2) The second job I do, or will be doing soon, is Emergency Administration, again at Vancouver General Hospital. I will be signing in patients basically and getting their charts ready.

3) The third job I do is very casual, but pays the best. It is roofing over in Gibsons Landing with my brothers roofing company. More than just roofing, I pretty much work on my brothers bookkeeping to make sure everything is financially good and secure, including my paycheque LOL 

And thats all.....for now :)

-Jezzen Haight

Dayjob: I build Aircraft parts

Nightjob: I own the chardwolf Armory so i do leatherwork, chainmail, photography metalwork, graphics, webdesign etc.

I work in the criminal justice system. Sometimes it is challenging, fulfilling and totally interesting. Other times it is like every negative stereotype you never needed to hear coming true and potentially your fault.

Overall,  I love it.  Need to get back to something creative and soul-building. Thinking about drawing and painting.

Used to write/edit for cash. But now I have money for boots. Funny, I still wear my old ones that I have had for years.

Time for an update since I left the whole picture framing thing like, two years ago. 

I'm currently doing what I would call my "dream job".  Making art for a living, of the fashion design variety.  But most of you already knew that.  The best part is selling my work retail but not having to deal with people face-to-face.  I hated retail, well, working in retail stores in malls for other people, I should say.  I think I might feel differently if Atratus & I open a shop someday.  It would be nice to know that if I told someone off who was treating me like crap, I couldn't get fired.  Heh.  Meanwhile, internet sales are a blessing.  So to sum up, my job on any given day is actually:

Chief Executive Officer

Product Designer

Production/Manufacturing Dept.

Research and Development Dept.

Marketing/Advertising Executive

Inventory Control Officer

Purchasing Officer

Shipping and Receiving Clerk


Web Designer

Communications/Public Relations Officer

Customer Service Representative/Order Desk

Industrial First Aid Officer

Cat Wrangler

And you thought I was just another pretty face.


I work graveyard security at Coquitlam Centre. Not as bad a job as people initially think. Mind you, this isn't my career choice. I'm an aspiring screenwriter and will be returning to my business and marketing studies at Douglas College maybe in the fall.

I work full time at the White Spot in New West as a prep cook. I went to Vancouver Community College for Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry Arts. I would eventually like to have my own cafe.

I work...  ugh...  at a Chevron gas station in Maple Ridge, but I am saving up to take courses in hairdressing ASAP so that I can start doing something I actually like.

I work for a company that build's lease sites.  So pretty much I'm driving a "Dynapack" around in circles packing dirt..  If its to muddy out or theres water where we're working, I pump water off the sites.. The hours are long but worth it. 5am till 7pm and we dont get days off unless you schedual them for sure or its raining.  But I need to save cash to get out of this town somehow right!?

I suspect I work for the same evil corporation you're mentioning. They are a giant software machine, and I am but a tiny cog lost in the works.

I work for a soulless and well-hated corporation doing large systems computer support and project work.  We have some large, flashy and fun toys but it's still just a living.....

Student taking a Uni Transfer(yes, I admit it, my high school grades SUCKED cos I didn't study) for Sciences. This year is just to get a good idea as to where I'm heading, next year I'll prob do Applied Scineces/Chemistry. Want to be an analitical chemist or toxicologist.

I don't have a job atm, but I used to work for a company called Revolutions, which is a glorified pyramid selling scheme. Basically it's door to door sales for child sponsor ships, on comission.

Oh and my summer job is life guarding! Every pool needs a goth life guard!

i work in a medical library... i used to do clerical work in medical imaging, and before that, i was a lab rat...

*still have the scrubs and lab coat... let the fetish fest begin!*

I just got my first job a stocker/cashier in London Drugs. I dont really mind it, though I find the cash shifts really stressfull, still..gotta pay the bills, right?


Hah! I love Thread-necromancy ;-)

Anyhow, I am at university, doing history and american archeology.

Whenever the petty cash runs out (happens usually twice a year, at the end of semester) I work as a nurse for a while.

I am finishing my MA in Near Eastern Archaeology at UBC. I absolutely love the field of Near Eastern studies and have been fortunate to travel to Jordan, Syria and Egypt during my studies. However, after being in school ever  since kindergarden I have come to realize that I need to take a breath of air. The people involved in academics, at least the ones I have been in contact with, are self-centered and fake. I need to get away from these devourers of life in order to decide if that is what I really want to be!

Sorry for the negativity, but hey that is what I am feeling what can I say.

I'm currently unemployed.  My last job was as a high school teacher in Toronto, Ontario.  Drama and English.  That was just a couple of months ago.  The vast majority of my students liked me, and I liked almost all of them.  They were a little angry that I was leaving.  I miss my kids. :(  I hope to find a job on Vancouver Island before next September, but I'm still waiting on a BC teaching licence.  The bureaucracy  is a bit of a pain, but it's something you've got to put up with when you work in a field that requires licencing.  And when it comes down to it, I LOVE MY JOB! :)  I just wish they had more openings around here.


I'm currently apprenticing as a tattoo artist. It's a dream of mine, to be a tattoo artist. I'd like to get into classical animation sometime.

I'm WORKING at a movie prop studio at it stands. Lord only knows how long that's going to last, because I haven't gotten my bedamned paycheque in over a month now.

I am currently a Sysadmin/Network Administrator working on a large project in Gastown.  Lots of SQL integration and network design/implementation.  Still enjoying it (even though I have been doing it for some time), and my current job lets me wear just about anything I want...

Education includes a college diploma in network technologies, a bunch of industry certifications (attained through hard-earned experience), and Royal Conservatory piano and music theory.

I'm sorry if I brought up any sharp memories. I actually used to enjoy most of the time in my Dad's shop. When he was still on Main street he would always give me some money to go down to a local filipino store to buy him "pan de sal" (sweet buns), little to his knowledge I'd always spend a quarter or two on "1942", an arcade style fighter pilot game. When you're 14 years old every tiny little no-no is exhilerating. Which reminds me, I probably owe him about 20 bucks.

I think I'm gonna buy some sweet buns tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder.

My father used to work in Vancouver - he co-founded Seat Cover Centre on Clark St. - I think that was 1958, but he moved to Vancouver Is. in the mid-60's and set up his own shop in Duncan - Hank's Upholstery. Long gone now though. He retired in 1989 and died in 1994.

I always enjoyed my time in the shop, tearing apart furniture to classical music. Or just plain sitting around with my Dad watching Godzilla movies on the B&W shop TV.

Strange. I grew up helping my father out too. His shop used to be on commercial, which he later moved to main street, and now in his retirement, works out of a little hole in burnaby. I have to tell you though, nothing is more psychotic than working in a dim lit back room with classical music cranked to the celing, while tearing apart furniture, and listening to an old man tell you all day how incompetent you are. It gives my hands blisters just thinking about it.

Is your father still in the trade? Anywhere local?

Maybe our fathers are


Hey! An upholsterer! My father was an upholsterer and although I never took it up as a profession, I grew up helping out in his shop.

I've been an upholsterer for 6 years, but since June I've been an art bum/musician. Because of financial issues I'm probably going to be an upholsterer again in the next few months, unless I become a freelance writer/performer...or in the most Ideal case a performer/composer while occasionally constructing beautiful antique armchairs to contemplate the arbitrariness of why ones identity is so explictly linked to ones occupation.

...not that there's anything wrong with that, but it is interesting to think about.     

I'm a web designer, mostly focusing on the graphics/html/css aspects (I make stuff look pretty). I'm planning on going back to school in the fall, though (UVic)...

Assembly Welder/Fabricator.  I weld with Mig, or Arc, and I build parts for cars in a factory.  I am actually going for a job interview tomorrow to switch jobs so that I can be a Custom Fabricator, not a factory welder.  More intelligence is required and it would give me the daily new jobs to tackle unlike the same old job I will have to do for another 29 years before retirement :D

I'm currently attending college and I am taking Appliance servicing, at Kwantlen University College, And I also work there too. I'm part of their Student Assocation. The Kwantlen Student Assocation. Anyways, I am a Campus Representative; kind of a desk job with events from time-to-time and meetings.

I suppose I should put something in here. Clearly I'm a net.geek seeing as this site is my hobby. I make my living as a Lotus Domino/Notes guru and web developer for a BC-based forestry company. It's a suit-and-tie job behind a desk and that's just fine by me.

I also happen to have a BA in visual arts from SFU and have alternate existence as an "artist" (frankly I hate that word for all its flakey connotations). Obviously since the photogallery is mostly my doing, photography is one thing I do even though I see it as a means to an end, not so much an end unto itself. I draw and paint from the photographs, as well as other things, viewable in my on-line portfolio.

Recently I got a job with UBC where my BA in Visual Arts comes into play. I am currently working as "Graphics and Media Technician" for the Belkin Art Gallery. Finally I get to be a geek *and* an artist all the time.

im  at school now an arts mini school complete crap acually but mildly better than my catholic school *shudders* im in the process of getting my social sercurity # so i can get a job at value village cus  im being kicked out of both my moms and dads and neeed a  place to live

ex-IT guy (application/website programming)

current full-time bum part-time student ([color=red]edit: studying more computer stuff).