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[color=red][u]A modified version of Evanescence's "Away From Me"[/u]

(Note added by SwoopGuy)[/color]

i hold my breath as this life takes its toll

i hide behind a smile as this perfect plan unfolds

but oh,god, iv been lied to

lost all faith in the things iv achieved

and i

ive woken to find myself

in the shadows of all iv created

im longing to be lost in you

crawing though this world as disease flows through my vein

i look into myself, but my own heart begins to change

i cant go on like this

i loath all iv become

lost in a dying world i reach for something more

i have grown weary of this lie i live


Yup!  That's me.  I'm the one with the BIG intellect!  Lord knows how all the women love a guy with a big intellect.  Probably explains why I'm still single.  Or maybe it's cause I'm an arguementative smartass. 


Can I say things specifically about you and how much fun I have debating with your oh-so-cute intellectual self?  ^__^  Sorry, I have been alone all day, and I am bored and overly flirty.  I blame someone else.

See!  Those are much better reasons.  I would quickly concede that they are not revolutionary.  Having something thrown in your face excessively is a wonderful reason to be antagonistic toward it.  Finding someone's voice unappealing, also an excellent reason.

Personally, Evanescence has remarkably little effect on my life.  In fact, I think this is the most time I've ever spent talking about them (and to be honest, very little of what I was saying was specifically about Evanescence).

*rolls my eyes*  I was giving MY reasons for not particularily liking Evanescence's commercial-sounding brand of music, and explaining part of why I didn't think, when they first came out, that they were some revolutionary band. 

True, to dislike a band/group/singer for the express reason that you think another of the same is better would be ridiculous, but the reasons I mentioned before are only a couple of the ones I have for not liking Evanescence. 

I mean, one of them is the fact that just after they became popular, I went to a Christian youth convention in Kamloops, and every drime (a drama-mime, usually with strong religious undertones) at the convention was done to an Evanescence song.  There's also the fact that something about their songs and music style (even something about Ms. Lee's voice) rubs me the wrong way.  The same way that you can sometimes meet a person and just not like them, with no real reason other than something about them just rubs you wrong, I feel that way about certain music groups.

Anyhow, if you REALLY think that this needs to be continued, fine by me, but I really have nothing more to say on the subject.

Now that we've started talking about respect for bands, maybe this should be bumped over to the Music list (at least in part).

Next... Now I get to argue with Trixy (this never seems to work out for me  ;) :P )

Should I not respect band "A" because band "B" has been around longer?

Should I not respect band "A" because band "B" is better?

Should I not respect band "A" because they achieved a type of success that band "B" could not?

Simply because a radio station elects to play band "A"'s music, and not band "B"'s music, is that the fault of band "A"?  Or rather is this primarily in the hands of the radio station.

In respect to the first two "should I"s, here's my take.  Michael Angelo was painting before Monet, and his paintings are way better (in some guys opinion), so I should have NO RESPECT for Monet.  For some reason that just doesn't make sense to me.  So if I'm going to dislike Monet, I should probably come up with some other reason.  Not to mention, even if Mike is better than Monet, that's no reason why I can't appreciate Monet's work.

In respect to the last two...  It is entirely possible that Evanescence hired a better manager than the one employed by Lacuna Coil, which could easily account for Evanescence's greater exposure, and following financial success.

IMHO bands shouldn't be condemned for their success.  If anything, those that lift up lack lustre bands over those with talent (record labels and broadcasters) should be bearing the brunt of the public's scorn.


Well, since you asked.

What we've got here is tantamount to plagiarism.  You've maybe noticed that the poems and short stories in this portion of the site tend to be originals.  Now, I'm not saying that people should not post other people's work up here, but if you are going to do that, due credit should be given. 

If you wanted people to give their unbiased opinion about the piece (meaing you don't want folks to know it was Miss Lee's work in particular), you should at the very least indicate that the piece is not yours.  I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that an unmarked post is the creation of the user who posted it.  This presents a pretty decent arguement for plagiarism.

Technically speaking, this forum is a form of publishing.  By publishing something with an established copyright, and not including its source, you've violated that copyright.  That can be pretty serious.  That being said, I'm going to add a note to you original post indicating the author as "Evanescence."  The problem with this is that the song may have been written by Amy or some other member of the group, or someone else entirely (it is not unheard of for singers to sing someone else's lyrics).  It would be a good thing if you would go through the effort of confirming who wrote the words, and modify your post to include that information.  And unless the changes you've made from the original were intentional, you might want to go back and fix them as well.

Atrocious grammar and spelling on dead angel's part aside, I have to say that, yes, some of the lyrics from Evanescence songs do have insight, depth, etc.  However, I do not think that is why people seem to have a dislike for the band.

If you were to ask me, for example, why I have little to no respect for Evanescence, I would answer something like this:  The main reasons I am not a fan of their music is because, for one, Lacuna Coil had a similar style long before Evanescence reared it's ugly head, and their music is, by far, superior.  When Evanescence first came out, everyone was going on about how incredible they were, how great it was that a "goth/rock" group had a female singer fronting it...  and I was thinking to myself, go buy a Lacuna Coil CD. 

The other main reason that I don't really respect the group is because they try and project this "hardcore", angsty, dark image, but still thrust themselves into the mainstream, playing on Z 95.3 and the likes.  I am sorry, I just don't think that the way they "sell" themselves matches the image they try and portray, and, for that, I don't have respect for them.

That said, I would like to re-iterate that I do like some of their songs, to an extent, so please don't get on my ass about being some sort of terrible Amy-Lee-Basher, because I'm not.  Nyar on you.

totally agree thats why i thought i should write it on here nice to see another evanescence fan i no a lot of people who slate her work when really if you listen to the words they mean a lot that song means a lot  to me

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