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does anyone know where i can get some pretty coloured sinthetic hair..lose or in tha falls. ????????!????? (in vancouver perferably)

thanks so much.


I'm Bliss.

I do all KINDS of cutting edge hair.

Extensions, coloring, cutting and hair falls.

I can do it all.

Here is a SMALL sample of some of the work I have done.

THere is some falls in there as well as extensions.

I love making hair falls and hair pieces.

I take pride in my work and I promise you won't get "velcro dreads" with me.

You expressed you liked loose hair falls too. I can do those.

I live in Ottawa Ontario now but I am coming to vancouver for a couple of weeks.

I am coming on January 13th.

My e mail is

shifuku at gmail dot com.

SHoot me an e mail and let's talk!

bah! so i finally found really afordable hair at wigs and hair (i think) pretty much across the street from velvet and lace...and i made some dreads but they stick togeater and its really angering me! soo..if anyone had any tips on how to get them not to stick OR know of anywhere or anyone in van who sells dread falls id love you forever.

thanks! :D

An online friend of mine (via LiveJournal - her nick is "carpe_jugulum") makes hair falls & dreds - according to her, those prices are pretty average for the good stuff I'm afraid.  But if you look around you might find what you're looking for.  Someone on this board made a post about msking & selling hair pieces locally, maybe check the other "shopping & fashion" threads?  Can't remember which one.

I go to butterflies and bugs quite often. They have two stores at Metrotown. They have coloured clip in hair pieces(quite a selection on couours including neon shades), wigs, hair scrunchies, clip on pony tails, and some falls(standard hair colours only, I think). I think the clip in hair pieces are about $10 or $15 for three and the pony tails vary in price(approx.$30-$50?). Not sure about the rest. Happy hair hunting!

hmm, thanks....i dont really want a wig though, but i could always cut the hair off the wig though...anyone heard about butterflies and bugs? it has a bunch of wigs and stuff but i dunno about prices

The value village in Nanaimo had a huge number of coloured wigs in a variety of styles.  I don't see why the V.V. in Vancouver wouldn't be stocking the same stuff.  Aside from that, when I lived in T.O. I picked up great wig at a theatre/costume shop.  They always have lots of costumes and accessories.  But the price at Value Village would be infinitely better (specialty shops tend to have hi mark-ups).

Hope that helps,

Swoop Guy

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