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Coffin Club ReOpening Party - Saturday April 16 @ Imperial


Saturday, April 16, 2022 - 9:00pm


The coffin is opening! After two years, we have a date and location for our re-opening party, dead to rights on a Saturday night, and at a spacious renovated movie theater location, with a huge dancefloor and killer sound system to boot. Tickets and full details coming soon - invite & tell everyone you know!

Sanctuary / Madhaus / Coffin Club has survived for over two and a half decades in Vancouver and weathered many storms and calamities. The underground alternative community has very deep roots and long standing bonds between venues, staff, DJs, attendees, and everyone who calls the spaces we create together a second home ... we'll see you SOON in the shadows and light of the dancefloor once again!

Presented with Pride by Restricted Entertainment, organizers of quality cult and counter-culture gatherings in Vancouver for over two decades.


Coffin Club delivers weekend get-togethers for lovers of alternative music, set to a backdrop of classic, cult and cutting edge dancefloor favourites, all genres. Nothing is sacred! Doors 9 PM. If you loved music at places like Sanctuary, Luv-A-Fair, The Twilight Zone etc, this is the place for you ;)

SHAKE YOUR BONES to a mix of counter-culture & underground music from the 80s & 90s right up to right now. New wave, goth, industrial, post-punk, alternative, EBM, synthpop & much more.

Hosted by DJs Pandemonium, Evilyn13 & R-Lex.

Come one, come all! Invite friends & help spread the word. We get a wide range of age groups in attendance from 19-65+ - everyone is welcome! This is a night where you can dress up freaky, retro, spooky or however you like and people will love it, or totally come casual ready to party, and that's fine too. You don't have to be a goth to have a good time at the goth night!

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