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T-minus 2020: Rabbit Junk, The Left Spine Down, Solid State & CO


Saturday, February 29, 2020 - 7:00pm


Rabbit Junk, The LSD (Left Spine Down), Solid State, Kranic [as GLOBAL-IDENTITY-CRISIS], Kanashibari, and possibly a secret guest!

This will be the first Vancouver show for RABBIT JUNK and Solid State [this decade] ! First show for hometown LSD, at the great PACE!
A creative cyberpunk event to paint the new decade's rebellion with both anthems, and artistry. A collection of both local audio and visual artists, as well as visiting international shadowrunners of the ever evolving genre. There will also be live painting, and more in an artistic space beside, within earshot and eyeline of the main events, as well!

T-Minus 2020 is also an indiefilm fundraiser. The ticket price will be covering the event costs, however there will also be a donations jar, to fund more indie films from Bridgevale Pictures, and friends.
A number of local films will also be screened (sans audio) at the event, in the art areas.

There is a discount code for film professionals as well, please message to take advantage of this offer, based on holding a film guild/union membership card [AFM etc also valid, please enquire].

Rabbit Junk

With a rare ability to fuse metal, punk, EDM, urban, and film score into a cohesive signature sound, Rabbit Junk are as difficult to pin down as they are infectious to listen to. Based in Seattle, USA. Members = JP (words, music, producer, guitar, vocals) and Sum Grrl(s) (vocals).

The LSD (Left Spine Down)

Breaking over a year of silence, local cyberpunks Left Spine Down (aka The LSD) are revamping themselves for a new decade. "Expect the unexpected" is what they warn us. Joined on stage with Kaine Delay and Matt Girvan, alongside new members Daniel Curtis, Bill E. Organ and Penny Ball, we can only imagine what they have in store for us...


Solid State // Nootropic

Solid State (formerly known as Amphetamine Virus) is the Cyberpunk/ Crossbreed/ Hard Electronic project of MDS. MDS played in several industrial bands before going out on his own to pursue making his hectic kind of dance music rooted in Drum N Bass, Metal, Industrial, Hardcore, and Hip Hop.



Known locally for his relentless ProgTech sets, Kranic's latest project, Global Identity Crisis, is a new platform to share his vision on the definition of music and set to blur the lines of genres and media experiences alike.

Founded in Japan as accompanying music for butoh, Kanashibari is an obscure unit combining ritual ambient drones and post-industrial audio mutilation to be used as soundtracks for the dreaming darkness and the realms that lurk behind the thin veneer of waking reality

FEAT ART BY [but not limited to]:

My work explores the illusions of identity and the man-made archetypes that drive the considerations of our perspective, both historical and contemporary.
I work with found materials and objects in assemblage to video components, painting, air brush and drawing combinations commemorating the foundation of our present through a glimpse of our past as our landscape becomes increasingly less obvious to our heritage.

19+. be respectful. Cash only, ATM is on site.

Visuals by Morning Glory Visuals
POSTER ART by Vladimir Potrosky

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