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Bad Beats + Vampire Bats + Herb and the Humans


Saturday, April 6, 2019 - 9:00pm






The Bad Beats // //

If you dig deep enough into the subterranean nooks and crannies of the '60s, you’ll find a nugget of gold called “Garage Rock”. Even though we’re in the second decade of a new millennium, not everyone is eagerly anticipating what’s coming next. Some of the most dedicated musical mining is being done in small towns all over the world.

Right next to mom and dad's old furniture and little sister's box of broken toys, thousands of musicians are dusting off vintage amps, plugging in their Ace Tone keyboards, cranking fuzzed-out guitars and stomping on ancient pawn shop effects pedals, all the while acting like time stopped in 1966.

Coming from varied musical backgrounds, you’ll find 5 musicians from East Vancouver fighting the future of rock for your musical benefit: The Bad Beats.
On first listen, you’ll immediately notice that the Bad Beats have not compromised sound quality in the name of authenticity. Although they stare back into the past, the sound you hear does nothing but look into the future.

Whereas some bands feel the need to doctor their sound, The Beats don’t believe in studio gimmicks and prefer their sound to be unadulterated.

“Garage rock” was once called the harbinger of punk to come, and oddly enough, the members of the Bad Beats have “reverse engineered” themselves into the ass-kicking unit they are today.

Right off the top, you’ll notice the soulfully stellar vocals of Cam Alexander (ex-Real Problems, East Van Playboys) who brings a facet generally unheard in the annals of garage. With harmonica in hand, and a voice that goes from whisky smooth to borderline dangerous, he brings a knife-sharp edge to the musical proceedings.

Guitarist Adam Payne (ex-The Hathaways, The Felchers) has blazed a trail of rock and roll spanning 3 decades from Ontario to B.C. and it’s his chutzpah that fuels The Bad Beats authenticity.

Like in all bands, people come and people and go, with the most recent addition to the fold being bass player Troy Zak, who's done time with The Real McKenzies and the Vibrators.

On keys is Derek Macdonald (ex-Orchid Highway and also from Gold Stars are for Suckers), bringing the Bad Beats their incredibly authentic sound with vintage organs that run the sonic gamut from psychedelic to straight up rock and roll. For the new Bad Beats record “Off the Hook” (coming out at the tail end of February 2019) he pulled off all of his keyboard magic with only his trusty Acetone at his side!

And once again Michael Nathanson is behind the kit laying it all down in his usual rocksteady style.

As with 2016's “His Vengeful Hand” LP, the new platter is being put out by the fine folks at Soundflat records in Cologne, Germany which is still home to all things garage.

Their 2017 European tour was a success on all levels and they’re hoping to return in 2019.

So keep your ear to the ground and listen for the sound because the Bad Beats could be coming to your town!

Vampire Bats (Vancouver) //

The Vampire Bats are combining elements of Post Punk Goth, Garage Punk with Modern Pop Sensibilities to create anti social rock ‘n’ roll. They are Lyrically smart and unafraid of having an opinion, and like to stay one step ahead in the fashion stakes. They were started by former Dreamworks Recording Artist, Marc Godfrey. The debut “Cemetery” is now streaming on Spotify...

In today’s musical climate they are destined for either greatness or total cult obscurity. Fortunately, they don't care...

HERB AND THE HUMANS (Regina) // //

Combining elements of early 1960's Rock & Roll guitar work with contemporary driving beats and hip swinging bass lines, the singular goal of Herb & The Humans is to make you want to move.
When long time drummer Herb Exner moved over to picking up a guitar and standing behind a microphone, he picked up Gino Giambattista and Avery Strong as his "Humans" and fast paced rhythm section.

Show: 9PM // 19+


579 Dunsmuir Street

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