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Wyrding Way, Wolfbrood and Calliandra


Friday, December 28, 2018 - 8:00pm


Coffin Party Productions presents a truly unique and mystical night of music!
Come and finish the year off right with us!


A Shamanic Folk Rock/Pagan Progressive Rock Band Created by MythMaker Founder Hjeron O'Sidhe.
Magick in Musick is the core intention.

Emerging from the dark realms unknown, this brood of warriors bring powerful, unique and original yet traditional Norse inspired melodies.
The combination of accordion, violin, cello, guitar, bouzouki, and bodhran tell the stories of courage and honour.

Forging together the weirdest darkest and most obscure folk from the world over, Calliandra sings songs and plays tunes that echo the ages. You've never heard a mandocello sound quite like this before!

Doors at 8pm
At PUB 340.

Don't miss out!

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