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OHGR with Lead Into Gold, Omniflux & Guests - August 19


Sunday, August 19, 2018 - 7:00pm


Modified Ghost & Verboden Present..

w/ Lead Into Gold, Omniflux & Guests
Sunday, August 19, 2018
The Red Room
398 Richards Street
**Doors at 7pm** – Ages 19+

OHGR (featuring Ogre of Skinny Puppy)



ohGr is an industrial / electronic group formed by Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy.

First born under the name "W.E.L.T", the project was frequently on the back burner for several years until it began to coagulate in Seattle beginning a long working collaboration between Ogre and Mark Walk. Twenty, oh one, saw the release of the first album, an eponymous release were there no legal issues in using "W.E.L.T", christening the name "ohGr".

But what's it all for, if there's no tour? The first was a moment in time for professional clime; it saw Cevin Key join savaging a drum, hinting at the Skinny Puppy works to come; it saw Tim Skold join on bass betwixt KFMDM and Marilyn Manson showcase; it saw Hate Dept.s' Jeff Smith, then of the opening band, who would become the regular keyboardist on hand.
In our current form, we have a pending norm: the oft-Skinny-Puppy-triplet of Justin Bennet, Matthew Setzer and William Morrison running drums, guitar and bass to the minute; and making the ohGr debut, Dustin Schultz addresses the keyboards anew.

The following albums numbered three, and were so titled by decree: "SunnyPsyOp", "Devils in my Details", “unDeveloped” - came setting the trails, which bring us to now, this modern era, where previous music economics have become a chimera.
Thank you - we feel quite lucky to have our financial supporters, with their great tolerance of delay and cryptic updates from headquarters.

Now twain to twenty twenty, presenting our precessional product aplenty: the fifth album, "Tricks", and its upcoming tour a twisted mix - both offering the listener aural transforms of the past years of psychological sandstorms.
It is with relief, without doubt, that this sound has been meted out; the counterpart live show will engender catharsis and closure to those years of exposure: letting us leave the stage to set the stage to start to pick up and put down number six; so step right up and come on along - now we're waiting, to be captivating, to finally, finally, show you our 'TrickS’.

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