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World of Darkness Documentary


Friday, March 2, 2018 - 1:45pm


The world of gaming has come a long way from the days of Dungeons and Dragons, and one of the most popular and long-lasting lifestyle role-playing games was World of Darkness. This exhaustive documentary charts the rise and fall and rise again of one of gaming’s most resilient role-playing offerings. It chronicles the goth-inspired live events and gatherings influenced by the cult phenomenon of World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade in the 1990s. How the migration of video games from console to online affected fan supports, and how the various ownership changes and attempts at rebooting drove many of the most fanatical adherents crazy. The film spends some time with the original inventors of the game and how they sold their property to outside interests. It chronicles the travails of White Wolf Publishing. Mostly it celebrates the crazy loyalists to these games who made it a part of their lifestyles and mode of dress. The gaming industry is three times bigger than the film industry, yet not that much attention is paid to it by the mainstream media. This is a detailed, in-depth documentary that tries to explain the social phenomenon on the one hand and the behind-the-scenes business machinations on the other. A must-see for all avid gamers.

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Executive Producer:
Henrik Johannson
Kevin Lee,
Figi Productions,
Dhaunae De Vir,
Shane Defreest
Andrew Rodger
Rodney Guest
Kevin Lee
Giles Anderson
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