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February Gothic Meetup


Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 7:00pm


It can be hard to meet new people and this is sometimes even harder for alternative people. If you are looking to connect with others who share your interests in music and fashion, join us for a casual meet up at a restaurant.

February Gothic Meetup FAQ
How do I find the group?

Show up to the New West Boston Pizza by the skytrain between 7pm and 9pm and look for the table that has a vampire skull on the table. Grab a seat!!

Do I need to spend Money?

Nope not at all. You are not under any pressure to order from the menu and this meetup is meant to be a no admission type of event.

Do I need to dress up?

You should wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing, whether dressing up or not.

Can I bring promo materials for my business or event?

If you are someone who runs an event or a business that caters to the Gothic alternative scene you can feel free to bring some promo materials for people who show up. But the purpose of this group is not to show up, drop flyers on the table, and leave. You will be responsible for taking any flyers with you that people don’t want and being respectful to people who show up. If you are forceful with your promo material and treat the meetup like an infomercial, you will be asked to leave. Descent Sundays will not take any responsibility for cleaning up your promo material.

Should I RSVP?

Yes! Please RSVP going on Facebook so that we can get an estimate of what size of table that we need to get when we get there. If you RSVP yes, please try to remember to let us know if you’re not going to make it. We don’t want to annoy the hell out of the restaurant.

Build a Stronger Community
The way we make a stronger scene in Vancouver is by building this sense of community. Not everyone enjoys the club atmosphere so this is the perfect opportunity to get to know some people outside of the clubs. Join us February 16 from 7pm – 9pm and get connected!



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