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Uncovered III: Halloween Cover Show at Red Gate


Friday, October 28, 2016 - 8:00pm


Red Gate Arts Society
855 E. Hastings, Vancouver

THE ANTI-VAXXERS (The Cure by Gal Gracen)

SCARY PIXIES (Pixies by m/o Dumb and Supermoon)

HELL MAPS (Swell Maps by m/o Other Jesus, Supermoon, Peace, Usd.)

BOO-GAZI (Fugazi by m/o Jo Passed, TV Ugly, Freak Dream)

BUDDY HOLLY’S GHOST (Weezer by m/o Be Afraid, Dead Soft, Green Wine)

CEREMONY (Joy Division + New Order by m/o Oaf, Taxa, Puritans)

INSOMNIACS (Green Day by m/o the Plodes + No, Boy)

THE EAT-YOUR-FACE-MENTS (The Replacements by Woolworm)

START CHOPPIN’ (Dinosaur Jr. by Milk)

77 SEVERED HEADS (Talking Heads by m/o Slam Dunk, Flowers & Fire, Candles)

BRUNETTI (Blondie by m/o Tough Customer, Other Jesus, Mourning Coup, Underpass)

SIAMESE SCREAM (Smashing Pumpkins by Mosffett + Doppleganger)

GULP (Pulp by m/o Mode Moderne, Dirty Spells & Fashionism)

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