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Tuesday, August 30, 2016 - 5:00pm



A FREE public picnic - August 30th.

It was a one-off. An art project. A tongue in cheek response to the other picnic. But our picnic went well. Even weller than we’d imagined. 1500+ showed up dressed in black and hung out and cleaned up after themselves and went home. Some people said sorry to each other for little to no reason at all. As the date for the other picnic has come up again, many have asked us, will you guys throw another CE SOIR NOIR? It’s ‘Grammable af, bruh. The difference this year is that we've made the choice for a different date. So come out, be out and al fresco with us on Tuesday, August 30th from 5pm - 9pm.

While there was an effort to make a point of how the theme of a popular public picnic could be genetically modified to reconstitute and distill the purest intentions and sublime chillness of a butts on blankets with snacks on snacks in a park among friends and strangers, it just kinda ended up being a good time for everyone. Free and Social? About as un-Vancouver as it gets.

IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL LAST YEAR! Armenian men danced with beady eyed Swedish women, gay men played lutes in unison for hordes of peaceful crust punks, Spanish children spidermanned all over the playground and taught sacred hymns to the children of the East, an elderly German rowed his boat ashore and fed fresh fish to some Persian teens, a bridge club from Dunbar shotgunned beers and then retired to their doily cloths.

Well, none of that actually happened, but we had giant fuckin bubble wands and a soundscape that seemed to satisfy enough. Vancouver; such a curious town.

While picnics will not do your taxes or fight for your bike lanes they will give you good chi.

Let us know if you will join us. Spread the word #cesoirnoir2016

Wear all black clothing. Bring. Food. Drink. Friends. Big Blankie. Tuesday, August 30th. 5pm.

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