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7th annual goth picnic.


Saturday, August 15, 2015 - 1:00pm


The pleasure of your company is requested at luncheon, on Saturday afternoon, August 15, at 1 o'clock.

Stanley park (precise location in the map in the photo album - it's on the sort of peninsula bit on the east side of the park; apparently this was once a burial ground. It is also next to the small cafe/washroom/souvenir shop, and near some pay parking).

This is an all-ages event, so if you're under 19 you can come out and meet other goths. Well-behaved animals and children are also welcome provided you take care of their needs.

I understand there was confusion with this event earlier and I apologise. Entirely due to poor planning and a FB vacation on my part.


We would be delighted if you would join us for the seventh (semihemidemi annual) goth picnic in the park.

Please bring something for yourself and approximately 10-20 others to share. We recommend tea, as it is most delightful. It would also be practical to ensure you have your own dishes, utensils and napkins. Please also bring a garbage bag, to dispose of leftover food and food-related objects. So far everybody has been wonderful with this and we thank you. ♥

Please also bring something to sit upon (blankets are suggested), a parasol/umbrella (in case of shine or light rain), and if you wish an activity of some sort (croquet and goth twister have been highly successful in the past).

This is a potluck-style gathering. Savory snacks and fruit/vegetables are a welcome addition to the copious and delightful amount of delicious sweet things people tend to bring. Do remember that alcohol is not allowed in the park, nor is smoking anywhere in the park at all (they seem flexible on this and have not been upset by smoking off the green area).

It is a formal gathering, and dressing up is highly encouraged (what is the point of meeting in daylight if you aren't going to wear something fabulous?). For inspiration, we recommend looking up pictures from WGT's picnics, and also pictures of the previous years' picnics (available on Gothic BC). If in doubt, wear black and avoid stilettos as they get stuck in the grass.


Please be courteous and clean; it would be most appreciated if you take great care not to leave behind any litter the day of. If you do litter, I shall be forced to taunt you a second time!
(Fetchez la vache!)

Also do remember that this is not a photoshoot and professional photographers looking for models or interesting street photography are not welcome.


After the picnic (VI) last year, I have determined "move to next saturday" is an unacceptable way of handling inclement weather; in the event of such dilemmas we will meet instead at the Guu on Robson street.

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