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People Get Irritable

With the humidex it's supposed to get up to 33 ⁰C today, that's 92 ⁰F…

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Facebook Login

You can now do a single-click login from Facebook on Gothic BC. If you have and existing account, you should log in normally first and make sure that the e-mail you have registered for Gothic BC is the same as the one you used to register for facebook.

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Another drawing

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What Does Gothic BC Mean to You?

I am curious, what does Gothic BC mean to you? Has this little project of mine had a positive effect on your life? Does it matter you? Tell me your story. 

You may have noticed I haven't been out and about as much for a while now. There have been a few personal things that have undermined my motivation and I'm looking to you all to help me get inspired again. Has my absence been felt? 


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Big Site Update - Prints Now Available!

I'm very pleased to announce the long overdue return of being able to order prints of your pictures here on Gothic BC with prints starting at $1.65 for a 4" × 6" print. 


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