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Scenes from the 80's

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The Gothic Shoe Company

Gibson Winklepickers by The Gothic Shoe Company, UK.

Today is Chinese New Year's day today, and it's happy shoe day for me. On January 3rd I ordered a pair of classic winklepickers from The Gothic Shoe Company of Essex, England, and they arrived today. These are hand-made shoes so the five weeks for delivery is not just the shipping from the UK to this, the western fringe of the old Empire, but the time to make them to order. Because they are made to order they will do custom work, but for a first order I chose to go with an "off the rack" and simple style.

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Site update: Blowing out the Cobwebs

Haven't done a site update for few months. I've kind of forgotten some of the things I have fixed. There have been tweaks to the automatic feeds out to social media. I've fixed up the inactive user maintenance and added some additional hoops to trip up spambots and some other back-end stuff that probably only I ever noticed anyway.

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"Vancouver's Gothic Vibe" in The Province today

Nancy Amenti is a Vancouver fashion designer and goth who loves cemeteries. ‘They’re gorgeous,’ she says. ‘They’re a great place to have a picnic.’

Read it here:

Vancouver’s gothic vibe: The city is perfect for dark, haunting movies and TV series

For a few hours next Sunday, Vancouver will be home to the world’s blackest beach.

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Upcoming Province Article

This morning I had a little photoshoot, where I was the subject not the photographer, over by Holy Rosary Cathedral on Richards Street. It is for an upcoming article in The Province related to the "Gothic Migrations" 12th Biennial Conference of the International Gothic Association. The International Gothic Association is out of Lancaster University and devoted the academic study of the Gothic founded in, but extending well beyond, the Gothic sub-genre of 19th C.


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