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Site updates for April 10, 2014

New site updates since the March 5 update:

  • Rigged it so comments and forum responses (which are technically "comments" as far as this CMS is concerned) will show up in the "All Content" view and RSS feed. This is actually a kind of a geeky triumph for me since it's supposed to be "impossible" given the architecture of the back-end. IMHO, "impossible" just means "requires a creative solution."
  • Fixed a probem with Event Listings when no image was included where the container box was still showing even though there was no image in it.
  • Added an administrative feature to convert Event Listings back to ordinary Forum posts and vice versa.
  • Further tweaks to the database to improve overall performance.
  • Changed the generation of reference IDs in the pubic photo gallery back to a time-based base-36 number instead of something random so that reference IDs from the same event are all kind of similar.
  • Fixed some problems with caching when viewing the public gallery without logging in.
  • Increaced anti-spam measures by adding another layer of protection against bots and making the stuff that was already there try harder. I fucking hate spam. 

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