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Forgetful Day

Well, here I am, home again from another night running the photo-booth at Sin City. No one attending the booth would have noticed, but tonight was very nearly a disaster. I forgot significant pieces of my gear - the cable that lets me use the radio trigger for my slave flash, the diffuser for my primary flash, and (a huge oversight) a memory card for the camera! D'oh. I squeaked by with the optical sensor on the slave flash, a home-made diffuser that has been kicking around in my camera bag for a couple of years (this thing is, literally, a sock made out of some diffuser paper, tin-foil and a chunk of bra-stap), and an old memory card I've been keeping in the bag since the last time I screwed up and forgot to put a card in the camera (that time I had to cab home and retrieve a card). I forgot the model-release sheet. I forgot to bring *money* and had to pay the "convience-tax" to use the ATM in the club. Getting the cash was moot, though, since I forgot to pay may tab when I left  (and hooray for text-messaging and friends who will  cover a forgetful friend's tab).