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No Sin City Photo Booth Feb. 23rd.

There will be no Gothic BC photo booth at the next Sin City.

Sin City is not my job. I do it as a favour. I am not paid to be at Sin City. They don't buy my camera gear. They don't pay for the bandwidth or server hardware for Gothic BC. It is not a magical cash-cow making me rich. I don't even get the staff rate for booze. I make a little bit of money selling prints and that has a way of nicely covering my bar tab, but it is not a motivating factor. Primarily I am there to have fun. I like photography and I like having a few drinks and nightclub event photography is a nice way to combine these pastimes. Last night, however, was not fun and I need a break.


I read the entire rant you posted on GothicBC's facebook page, and am truly sorry you had suffer through that. It sounds atrocious, horrible and disheartening. Honestly, it sounded like a nightmare (and not even the pleasant burton-esque before christmas kind ;) )

But please, reconsider returning after the 23. SinCity would be lacking without you and Gothic BC's photo booth. Perhaps without the change in patrons that occurs around SinCity's more popular nights, you'll have a far better time, and get some good shots.

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