I heard you need two pieces of ID to get in a club in BC. Is this true?

The following is straight from the provincial government (https://www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/lclb/docs-forms/guide-liquor-primary.pdf pp. 32-33):

When you verify a customer’s age, you and your employees must ask for two pieces of identification.

The first ID (a driver's licence or passport, for example) must include:

  • name
  • photo
  • date of birth, and
  • signature.

The second ID (a Care Card or Social Insurance Card, for example) must include:

  • name
  • photo or signature.

Note that the law says photo or signature - that does not mean you need two pieces of photo ID. For those of visiting Canada that don't know this, the examples given (Care Card, SIN card) are not photo ID. Basically, whatever was good enough to get you over the border is good enough to get you into a club, with the exception of just your passport alone. In theory that should be good enough but don't forget bouncers aren't hired for their legal expertise and aren't going to argue the finer points of the law with you. They're told "2 pieces of ID, one with a picture" so be prepared to show two pieces. Also while the law has been in place for some time, it is only sporadically enforced. That means you may not be asked for two pieces on one night, and then are on the next time you go. Always be ready with two pieces of I.D. or you run the risk of not getting into the club.