Aren't Goths all devil-worshipping, bunny-mutilating, oversexed, sado-masochistic psychos in black trench-coats?

Not even close. Research out of the University of Sussex (UK) by Dr. Dunja Brill (Media and Cultural Studies) shows that on average

"...their lifestyle, unlike the punk scene, is a middle-class subculture," she said. Her research shows that goths share a dark sense of humour. "The values of the goth subculture are very high-brow," she said. "They tend to enjoy old poetry, books and the arts. "It is a peaceful subculture - drugs and anti-social behaviour do not play a big part. "Many parents worry because they think their children may be depressed or suicidal when they start wearing black but this is not usually the case. "They tend to have a sarcastic sense of humour and be able to express their feelings. "Another worry is the fetish fashion of some goths, especially with the females. But my research shows that the girls are not overtly sexual. "In fact, they are usually believers of love and romance...", March 20, 2006

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