"GOTH" - The Board Game

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Yes, it's a board game.  Atratus & I were playing it last night with Kitsune & Armand, and if you've ever played this you know its' creation is worth some suspicion.  The questions were either utterly ungoth and totally obscure, or so insultingly easy it was laughable.  We found ourselves wondering, "exactly how Goth is this "Goth" game, and just what do the game creators think Goth is, anyway??"

For instance,  some sample questions:

"What b-grade horror flick featured giant ants?"

Answer:  In one word, "THEM".  I don't find this question particularly goth, do you?  Regardless, this movie was featured in several questions in this game.

"In what Edgar Allen Poe story was the murderer revealed by the sound of his heart?"

Answer: "The Tell-Tale Heart".  Do I hear a big DUH out there?  Poe is pretty goth, so we agreed this question was cool, if not insultingly easy.

"What forensic grindcore band from Norway had (blah, blah, blah)..."

Answer:  I don't think I even need to finish asking the question.  "Forensic grindcore"?  Are they serious?  Does this genre actually exist, and if it does, wouldn't it just be a politically correct way of saying "death metal"?  And is death metal the same as goth?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Help me out here, guys.  I don't mean to start a fight over "what is goth and what's not", but I'm sure there must be *some* reasonable guidelines out there.  We're convinced this game was dreamt up by a handful of beer-swilling metal-heads in northern Alberta, one of them having a 13 year-old younger sister into goth who brought her "Norton Poetry Anthology" textbook over.  Don't get me wrong, we had several good laughs.  Most of them were because it was such a ridiculous game, though.  And because despite all this genre-twisting going on, I am the undefeated champion. 


Oh, I love the edmonton scene. It's always a pleasure to go back and visit. It took me a few years of begging and pleading to convince my friends to go check it out. And once I did, they were hooked. And they told their friends. And they got hooked too. I don't live there any more, but my friends are still regulars, despite my absence. The club is packed every time there's an event, and the people there are so incredibly friendly. I might even go so far as to say that it's friendlier than here, but that could just by my own feelings of alienation talking.

If anybody is ever in Edmonton on a saturday night, I highly reccommend hitting up the New City Suburbs. I guarantee you won't be dissappointed. Unless you have an aversion to strobe lights and loud music, that is...

I realize this is an old post, and so I'm sure nobody cares, but I just had to reply.

What do you have against northern Alberta? Some of us (namely me) come from there. I've met some very gothy goths in my time there.

A pox on you and your BC-pot smoking friends. A pox I say! :-P

Okay okay, so I admit that Alberta is also full of beer-swilling metal-heads... maybe you have a point after all.

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