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I'm just taking a shot in the dark here on topic location... This is kinda a school/makeup artist thing... Though makeup is a part of lots of other forms of art and is an art unto itself... but I digress.

I'm studying makeup for film and television. My classmates and I are in need of male models for an upcoming class on Friday, October 4th at 10am until (at the latest) 12 noon.

Most of us are still fairly new to Vancouver (I've only been here for about two months myself) so we've been hoping to get other students at our school to help us out, but so far most of us haven't had any luck. We're all hoping to secure models as soon as possible.

The makeup itself is a 'corrective'/'no-makeup' makeup. So it would mean things like balancing eyebrows, evening out skin tones, masking blemishes, etc. The result meaning to have the model appear flawless on screen.

So, my question to everyone is do any of you know where we might be able to find models? We're not looking for specifically people who model for their professions, just any kind gentlemen who'd be willing to donate their time and faces in the name of education. Models are not required to wear any special costuming, though my instructor has requested that facial hair be kept to stubble at maximum length.

I had figured there had to be somebody who could help me out here, so I'm hoping to be proven right. We'll be needing other models for drag and glamour makeups at later dates so I'd be grateful for any recommendations or assistance.

Much Thanks!

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