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I have recently have to cut Trans Fats from my diet. It really limits your choices,

mostly for junkfood.

I have been feeling a hell of a lot better since I have been slowly eliminating

trans fat products, one purchase at a time an buying trans free stuff.

[color=yellow]Some oils & fats are good[/color]. The partially hydrogenated & hydrogenated oils and fats are BAD.  :'(

Get the details before you freak out.  :P

[color=blue]Trans fats are also created when manufacturers use a process called "partial hydrogenation." This process turns liquid oil into a semi-solid form, such

as shortening or margarine.[/color]

Food products made with fats or oils with a high proportion of saturated or trans fatty acids have a [color=red]longer shelf [/color]life than products made with oils that contain a higher proportion of other fatty acids.

The trans fatty acid molecule

The light grey rounded areas are hydrogen atoms.

The dark grey areas are [color=red]carbon atoms[/color].

Note the different positioning of the hydrogen items in the middle

which is caused by a process called partial hydrogenation.

The hydrogen atoms in the middle are in a "trans" position

which makes this a hardened "trans" fatty acid.

[color=red]Health Canada Warning Link[/color]



[color=red]Goverment link Warning[/color] Recent!

Canada is way ahead of the U.S. on this one.

Hope this info is helpful and informative. 

Cheers :)


Night Walker

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