Millenium New Product Line

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Oh my god! I was at Millenium at Metrotown today with a couple friends and I hadn't been in there for almost a year. All I can say is........nice! The new product line kicks major rear end. Not a wide selection of gothic clothing but it's still an extremely nice selection. Anyone know how long they've been carrying the goth clothing? Cause last time I was there all they had was gothic and new age jewellery and home decor. Now they've got full outfits, boots, wrist cuffs, dog collars, purses, wallets............

Millenium has some amazing stuff but the prices are huge - you're looking at minimum $60 skirts and 150+ for dresses.  Does anyone know of a place that carries similar stuff but without the huge price tag?

clothes have been at millenium for about 8 months or started out small but it keeps growing...we got quite a lot of heavy red clothing in about 2 months ago... and T.U.K. shoes

I live near there, so I'm at the mall all the time. I can't speak for how long the chain has had that stuff, but I know I first saw it in there the same weekend I say Memoire of a Geisha. So they've had the stuff at least that long.

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