High posts

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My goodness, Trixy.  I guess you don't have to worry about getting more posts than me any longer.  You've got a pretty solid lead there.

No, you misunderstood me Trixy. I was saying that those are good words to describe me as well. The old comment was a reference to when we were chatting on MSN last week.....

Sarcastic and insane is a good way to describe myself, Trixy. Old however, I am not. You on the other hand seem to think otherwise!

Esquire, you just need to get to know Swoop better.  He's just a sarcastic, insane old man.  Heehee, take that, Swoop!

Don't worry Swoop, I know it's difficult to tell if one is joking in a post but I was joking as well, don't take it too personal as I didn't....I seriously doubt you did take it personally tho.

Ha, if I needed anymore proof that Swoop is a post padder! Re-replying to my re-reply with useless chatter seals the deal! How d'you like that Swoop? Feel free to re-re-reply to my ....ah whatever, you know what I'm talking about.

Can I get in on the high post race, I know I'm far, far behind these two, but I dare to dream. Trixy, if I had internet on my work computer, I'd be assaulting all of you with *my* e-presence! You know you have to keep yourself entertained on the graveyard shift!

Yah, it's just because I am so awesome.  Can't you just feel the awesome?  Feel it!

On a less insane note, the only reason for it is that I have my own computer now and no siblings to squabble with to use it, and since I am trapped at home much of the day, I figure I should torture people with my e-presence.  Take that!  Ok, that wasn't less insane...  damn.