Having trouble with clothing.

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Ok, I'm a big guy, always have been. I got a big build naturally and I'm on the heavy side, I admit it. I've worked out, dieted, lost weight, but regardless I'm a big guy. My problem here is, every goth or fetish clothing place I've found doesn't cater to large men and it's bloody annoying. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do or where I can go to start looking for, well, anything? I got friends that dress up and go out to stuff like Sin City, and I can't go with em because I can never come up with something to wear!  :( Any help, advice, whatever is appreciated, thanks.

A skirt and some shirt will probably get you inside Sin City. If necessary, add some spikes. It worked for me last summer... I guess guys in skirts are always considered fitting the dresscode.

Period-type stuff is generally never "off the rack" anyway, so it might be a look to go for. Places like Venus & Mars or New World Designs will do custom alterations or complete custom tailoring jobs.

Another option is for a more classic look, a good black suit can go a long way, but won't quite cut it for Sin City (business suits are explicitly verboten). A tux, on the other hand, *will* get you in and no man looks bad in a tux. My father was a *very* large man and always did well for dressier attire at the Big and Tall on Hastings (near Richards, I think... damn I could walk there but can't think remember the actual cross-street right now).

If you do want to put together a more hardcore fetish look for Sin City then try somone that does custom work, like Mike's Custom Leather, or go to the places that cater to biker-fags. There are a lot of mightly big bears in this city, so the fetish gear they are wearing is out there somewhere. Mac's Leathers on Granville is probably a good place to start.

Still, though. I wholly recommend dressing up rather than the stereotypical fetish look. Uniform, fantasy, period costume, or a tuxedo are all not only acceptable, but will get you a lot of positive attention.

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