Goths and sport

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Just after oppinions on sport. Taking part in rather than watching. I was going to stick this up as a poll but couldn't figour out how to phrase it. One of the myths about goths seems to be that we don't like excercise. Back in Sydney it seemed to be the truth rather then a myth, so i was just wondering if the same goes here. I personaly like sport, though not a big sports fan, just don't see the point of sitting on my but watching others doing something that I could be doing any way. Your thoughts?

Eight years of little league baseball, three years of rugby in high school and college.....oh, and I love the Seattle Seahawks more than life itself!

Yeah, I've never had any problems with sports. I've played a lot of football in my day, and I was a martial artist for a long number of years (7 or so in Jiu-Jitsu and a spattering in many others)...  It would seem that sports and physical activities are about as rampant in the goth scene as any  (well, barring the kitsilano 'trendies' whose lives revolve around working out [sorry bout the hostility but the trendyness has made it so that i cant even smoke on most coffee shop balconies in kits])...  Oh well, heres a sporty smoker signing off....

I love sports!  I grew up in England so ofcourse you know I love the footie (Soccer) I played Football alot when I was younger. I also  was a hooker on a rugby team for a bit. But my favourite spoert hands down is  hockey, and although I can't play it very well, I absolutely LOVE watching it. When the playoffs are on, I will actually take time off work to watch the game. Oh yeah, have  I mentioned that besides being in the gothique community, I am also VERY gay LOL I used to get so shit on in high school, but it made me play twice as hard as the jocks. I believe I gain a bit of respect out of them ;)

Heh, So far i've played for my school team *We're doing pretty good this year, Cheif dan george if you wanna look it up* and for the Abbotsford rugby club. Although there is a u-14 team i've been playing as a u-16 since its alot more fitting for my skills *U-14 was just too easy, i could plow over everyone, and im a back* lol, anyways, i've been going to a few tournaments with scouts, too bad im too young now, but im hoping for the future maybe :D

My whole problem was I have a bad eye and as a result lack the depth perception to hit/catch a ball. That's why I gravitated to things like rowing and sufing where that didn't matter, and rugby where being big was what mattered (at least for the positions I played). While I did play for a while on a "real" rugby team on which I was the hooker, I much preferred the unofficial "Island Rules" games (which make Aussie Rules pale in comparison) where I could get my hands on the ball and run over anyone who tried to stop me. I used to be pretty impossible to take down. In games of British Bulldog I was almost always the last man standing.

Football bored me pretty quick, I didn't play that for long. For one all the pads were just annoying and extraneous for someone used to rugby, and the game stopped too much. In our Island Rules rugby games the only things that stopped the play were a foul like throwing the ball forward, going off-side, or someone getting a try. As a guard in football it was just knocking heads (often literally) with the guy in front of me for about thirty seconds, then what seemed like ten minutes of waiting to do it again. Stupid game. Not to mention I didn't think much of the other players.

Rowing and surfing were really my favourites, even though I was (and remain) a pretty crappy surfer. Rowing I wasn't bad at. I even managed to win the odd race now and again in my single, even though the shell was utter crap compared to what I was up against.

In my school rowing and rugby attracted the oddball kids. The stereotypical jocks played football, basketball, hockey, and/or soccer. Our rowing team was pretty much the Bad News Bears of rowing. All our equipment was cast-off stuff from the private schools we rowed against and up until *I* silk-screened some, we didn't even have uniforms.

Heh..I hated high school sports mostly because I sucked (the only time I ever got a basket was if I was playing volleyball...).  But I was always great at the more individual stuff like gymnastics, etc.  Now I also weight train, not only because I like the "look" but it's great stress relief.  Keeps me out of trouble I guess.

  I'll put one down for the stereotype, I hated sports in High School and I don't exactly have much ambition to play now. But excercising is another thing, oen thing I did like was weight training and I try to do at least some weight lifting and excercise such as crunches, but I do this merely for the look of the results over any thing else.

Hey Atratus, What Position did you play in rugby? i've been back for 1 year and i played scrum half, im now a flanker because im one of the "Bigger kids" lol

Heh. Watch out. There are more of us than you think. I used to play rugby as well (I don't think there is any such thing as a rower who didn't also play rugby at some point). I was also on a football team for a while.

Lol, Well, to those who say goth's are wussy's and can't handle pain, I say F*** you, Im a rugby player/ Fan. Nothing like having it pouring rain and it a foot of mud digging your way for a try  8)

I like playing sports too.  I used to play baseball/softball all through my teens.  In high school I was on both track and cross country teams.  When I started teaching I played on the staff volleyball team (and so did the other goth on staff), and I coached cross country.  Sadly, I must admit that in the last year I have fallen out of shape.  A mixture of age and a recently sedentary lifestyle.  I've never been a big fan of exercise for the sake of exercise, so the absence of sports in my life is starting to take its toll.

Personally, I've been involved in a variety of sports (although I've grown lazy with age). I swam competitively for years, in high-school and university I rowed competitively (single skull and men's heavyweight eight mostly). When I lived on the island I used to surf.

There are plenty of people in the scene here that are involved in sport in one manner or another, however, the "jock" attitude where sport is the end-all and be-all is still rightfully derided since, as Plato wrote in the Republic, "the mere athlete becomes too much of a savage".

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