Gothic BC Online Store

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Check out the Gothic BC Online Store I created (and you thought I just sat around and looked charming).


You are no doubt saying to yourself, "OMG - what kind of amazing and unique goodies will I be able to buy??? I am simply beside myself with anticipation!"  Well, at the moment you can buy Gothic BC postcards, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, mousepads and ball caps.  How can we manufacture all these lovely things, you ask? Elves, my dears. Hundreds of ball-gagged, leather-clad, enslaved elves.

Actually, the goods are manufactured through (Atratus and I have bought our own products to try them out, and the stuff is much better quality than you'd think!).  So far we have not undertaken the costs of embedding the store into the website.  That takes money.  For now, when you click on an item to buy it you will be referred to their site for processing.  If we can sell a few of things, then we may upgrade the whole operation and make it all nice and pretty and utterly under our control.  Mwahahahahahaaa!  So if you're an elf, start cringing.

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