Goth, Vampire or Demon?

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Got time on your hands or is that blood?  ;)

My score below and test link.

I not really that bad but maybe that bored.  :)













      You scored 56%  viciousness and 56 % survivability!


      OH BOY, YOU ARE ONE BAD GIRL (If you happen to be a boy, just enjoy the pictures)!

You can really survive anything, because you were never alive in the first place! You however, are extremly versitile, and could be sexy as a man or a woman! GO YOU! You are evil though, and are constantly looking for young bodies to inhabit to make you feel like you have a soul, which you never will. You will spend eternity seeking that which you desire, only to have your thirst for such things never quenched. Pretty much like Hell.

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Thank you SO MUCH for taking my quiz, please rate highly, and reccomend to all of your friends!

Love Jennifer





  This test tracked 2 variables. How the score compared to the other people's:

Higher than 33% on viciousness
Higher than 33% on survivability

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