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I'm moving to Vancouver from Melbourne AU in a few months with my girlfriend... I wouldn't really describe myself as an "active goth" in any sense at all, but I do like a lot of post-punk, minimal wave/synth and industrial music...amongst others that might be less relevant like Detroit techno etc.

Considering we'll be there for at least a couple of years, I'd love to know what's happening in the way of regular events... and, if any of you are active musicians or deejays, where the best places to find decent music tech and records are - while I'm here, I'd like to go out for a drink and a dance and make some music when I'm not doing whatever job I find myself in :)

If you like Simple Minds, Japan, Yello, Logic System/YMO, Chris and Cosey, Severed Heads, Ultravox, Magazine, Wire, Absolute Body Control, XMal Deutschland, The Soft Moon, Martial Canterel, basically bubbling synths, noisy drums and jangling guitars... then you might be able to point me in the right direction...

Thanks in advance...


Musically, the monthly event "The Shadow Line" is the closest to your tastes. Sanctuary and Descent are also good nights, but the musical range is a bit broader. Decent leans more to the heavier industrial, so you might enjoy that and Sunday nights aren't a problem with whatever job you end up with. Sanctuary is on alternate Saturdays at the same club as Sin City fetish nights. You'll hear some stuff you like at Sin City, too, but since it it a fetish night and not technically an alternative or Goth night, the music ranges over a an even broader spectrum.

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