Black Eyemakeup...problems..grr

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So i am quite fond of wearing black eyeshadow but i am having the greatest trouble finding a brand that a) doesnt smear all over my nose and cheeks eek! and b) doesnt rub off after one hour after applying..ive used the store bought brands..loreal and covergirl..and my sister just bought MAC Carbon which was recommended but i find it is as bad as the cheaper stuff..any ladies ( or makeup adept fellas) out there who know my dilemma and want to rescue me from raccoon eyed hell..plz help!...all help is appreciated..thanks..

I've only recently tried the MAC Carbon and yeah, I end up with dust all over my face too.  But I find the foamy applicators (a little damp) make a huge difference.  I can't stand using a brush, the powder gets everywhere.  Maybe it's just that my "technique" is bad, whatever, but I never used to have problems like this when I bought the cheap crap several years ago.  It's like they're using something different in powder shadow now that they didn't used to, or something.  The texture isn't the same.  One thing is for sure, the cheap crap never had a decent black until a few years ago.  I love MAC's colours, but i think when it's gone I'm going to source out a cheaper solution.

i use a layer of MAC Paint  under shadow - 'bamboom', a neutral tone. It stops shadow from going all creasy-like. Not sure how well it would work with black shadow, though.

Painting your lids with liner is a bad idea, sticky and icky.

Ok, so, for black eye shadow; use a stiff brush, or a foam applicator, wet it first, or drip a few drops of water onto the cake. That will help it go on smoother and not get al over your face. If you go to dance shops, like Act 1, they sell make up fixative. If you want your make up to be rock solid use this stuff instead of water. A thin misting of hair spray also does the trick on well prepaird lids.

As for traditional kohl(my pet product), if you can't get the line thin enough, use a tooth pick. This stuff isn't water soluble, so don't even try putting it on with a wet brush, how ever a dry brush and a pice of tissue paper under the eye that you're working on will prevent spillage.

And for liquid effect liner that doesn't burn, try the M*A*C stuff, I think it's called Aqualine, or Liquidline. It comes in little jars, it's gel so it doesn't have as many solvents as the true liquid stuff. You'll need an angle brush or a thin brush to apply.

I have an allergic reaction to liquid eyeliner, but sometimes the traditional kohl just doesn't go on smooth enough or the lines aren't fine enough, so if you have a reaction to liquid eyeliner try Le Stylo Waterproof by Lancome.

Something that I have found that works really well is the Revlon Illuminance Creme Shadow (Vintage Chic).  There is four different colours: black, white (great for highlighting), a really soft pink and robin's egg blue.  I apply a layer of the black creme shadow before putting a black powder eyeshadow, creating a base so that it won't smudge as bad or rub off.  The Creme Shadow doesn't come with an applicator, so make sure that you pick one up for more precise applications.

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