Shopping in Bellingham, WA

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Hey, im going down to the states for shopping, not making it as far as Seattle unfortunantly, but i was wondering if anyone knows of ANYTHING..remotely interesting to check out down there..ive heard rumours..but alas im clueless..any help is appreciated..


Hey, I just had a thought, since many of us Southern BC folks often take day-trips to Washington, if anyone finds some cool shops, PLEASE take down the name (and  address if possible) and I'll start a Washington shopping thread.  I for one could use some costume shops, shoe stores, and used clothing stores for when I go down next, and haven't a clue where to look.  So if any of you Washington folks visiting the forum have some places to recommend, or if any Canadians have some favorite places, please let me know by private message or just post replies to this thread!!

Well, the only place I've been in Bellingham recently is Bellis Fair mall.  There's some good shops in there actually - if you're not afraid to look around a bit.  I forget the name, but there's a cool witchy/pagan/Celtic/hippie/Medeival  kind of store that once you manage to walk in the first 10 feet, has a great selection of long velvet dresses, flowy satin men's tunics and shirts, Tarot cards, silver jewelry, etc.  Just don't be intimidated by all the hippie crystals and woven coin purses and stuff that's at the very front.  Oh, and Hot Topic, too.  They usually have great Tim Burton knick-knacks and housewares at the very back.  If you do go to the mall, don't be afraid to walk into almost any shop and poke around - the Americans have a selection that makes Canada look retarded by comparison.  Chances are you'll find something cool somewhere in there (I always do when I go down, and in the oddest of places, too).


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