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I was wondering if there were any shops that sell Gothic Lolita clothes at an affordable price preferably in Vancouver (online British Columbia stores are fine too)? I mean the frilly elegant kind that can be seen in Japan or in the Gothic and Lolita Bible. I've seen a lot of online Canadian Gothic clothes shops, but none that seems to match my ideal...

I recently saw a store in metrotown that sold some pretty frilly lolita looking stuff. IThe store was about evenly divided between black and pink. I believe the store's name was "Westmend", which I think is a Chinese brand. The clothes I tried on were all very cute, but none of the shirts, even the "large" would fit me, due to brader-than-average shoulders. They didn't seem to carry anything larger than that. Prices ranged from about $75 to $200.

Hey  girls&guys!!~~

My name is Sean. I opened my own LOLITA shop on Internet at afew days ago ! i locaed in Montreal of Canada, i am selling the lolita style of Gothic Lolita, Classic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, New Asian Style Lolita and Lolita Accessories ...

All the stuff which is i am selling in my website can be ship to Canada, UK,USA...

When you choice the clothes from my site, i will make you the own size for you( Only fit on you and no extra charger).

PLZ go take a look at my site, and i will get you some special...

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Thank you

Have no fear, me and my girlfriend plan on opening up our shop when we move to Canada next year. Our website is at

Our designs are more victorian/pierrot oriented, but many lolitas tend to like/buy our stuff. Sometimes, we even have ads/pictures in Gothic & Lolita Bible.

Not that I know of.  I mean you could probably throw something together by buying the odd piece here and there, but there are no shops in Vancouver (or BC in general) that strictly sell the kind of stuff you might find at say, Fan Plus Friend.  Take a look at the Retail Stores threads (Canada & BC) in this forum and click the ones which have websites, you might find the odd dress or blouse (etc.).  Pretty much though, I think if you're not able to buy outside BC, it's going to be up to you to DIY.

I hate to say this my fellow Canucks, but our lack of variety is a real drag. Our country just doesn't seem to have enough people living in it to support a subculture with such varied tastes. I hate to admit it but most of my own shopping is done in the US & UK (online).


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