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so I was down at Hypatia Shoes  today, after making an order online last night for pickup, when I got there James(The owner) told me that they didn't have my size of that boot in stock, and he really worked to make me happy, we ended up finding a pair of boots that worked for what I wanted, and they would have been almost $90 more and he gave them to me for an additional $50 because of the problems with availability. So all in all, I'm sure some of you have been to this store, but I just wanted to share my good experience, they've definately gained a return customer in me:D.

It's smaller there, they seemed to have a smaller sellection.. Mind you I was in there like days after they moved.

I'm going to add my prais to the list. The service was amazing, the selection of boots... well, I just wish I had more money and, on top of all that, they had my size!!!!

I went to Hypatia just before Halloween, and they were on 1116 Richards. : ) It was my first time buying a pair of more 'expensive' (AKA covered in metal hardware, giant platform, and mom's credit card) boots, and I was really pleased with the service! They helped me unbuckle (and rebuckle) everything so that it fit properly, while putting up with my two crazy friends along with two people who didn't quite understand the fetishwear. The quality was also very good and I'll definitely return... perhaps without a train of people next time, heh!

I went to Hypatia last fall (while in town for the Siouxsie concert) and was very happy, James is a pleasant fellow. However, while in town the last time, my boyfriend and I were wandering around that part of town and couldn't seem to find Hypatia again. Did they move? Gone? Or are we completely blind?

I want to say Thank You for the kind words!

I do remember who you were and I truly appreciate the compliment!

I am very glad you are happy with your purchase and if you need boots again, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail (so I can make sure I have the right size available).

Please check out my website

I will be adding another 200 new styles to the over 1200 styles online and visit my store here in  Vancouver at 1116 Richards St (at Helmcken).


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